The ‘Flow’ of Sloppy Service and the Silly Season

Third World Internet issues.

These four words explain my mysterious departure from Internet Land for the past week.

My service provider’s byline declares ‘This is how we Flow’ but, for those of us viewing those non-flowing modem lights, the  irony is staggering. Throw in unanswered calls  to the local office, as well as toll-free customer support that does a truly remarkable re-enactment of the confusion at Babel’s Tower, and you would be forgiven for thinking that Satan himself was the mastermind behind the altar to unprofessionalism that is FLOW.

If this is how these folk flow, we need an alternative because we are down to a trickle here.

Alas, alternatives are in short supply on this little corner of JamRock, which is why companies can afford to dish out disgustingly sour service (if it can – in truth – be considered ‘service’) and get away with it.

Ah yes… welcome to Jamaica, man.

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