Filter or #NoFilter? That Is The Crucial Question

Frosted glass is one of my favourite things, and the glass louvres in our rental are made of this very thing. Rectangular sheets of translucent glass that offer a semblance of privacy without compromising illumination.

From the inside looking out, there is evidence of life beyond – shapes and movements cloaked in mystery by this frosted glass filter.┬áNo illusions. Only the tantalising tease of possibilities beyond viewed from a cocoon of relative safety.

A filtered view.

No one on the outside has to vet our bed linen choices or witness our struggle to have a place for everything and everything in its place. They have their own lives and enough challenges to occupy their mental space, so the filtered view spares them from having to consider and offer commentary on one more thing.

Filters are undervalued.


Image Source (CC0 Public Domain)

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