My One Word – 2016 and beyond

Have you ever wanted to put a sliver of time in a box and kick it to the curb?

That is how I felt about the year 2015, and I was ready to bid it goodbye long before it drew to a close. It was the time-bound representation of a particularly intense period of tribulation and distress in my life, and I was beyond ready to rip our 2015 calendar to shreds and move on.

I needed to see a number that did not serve as a constant reminder of the hard, dark places I had traversed. A number that spoke progress and made the light at the end of the tunnel seem even a smidgen closer.

There were days when I railed against the crucible when the budget buckled under the weight of an expense foisted upon us by deceptive relatives, and my health took a turn for the worst. In those moments, the Holy Spirit reminded me of seemingly unpalatable truths and preserved my sanity against all odds.


I am in awe of His Faithfulness.

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