Beyond Valentines: The Fruit of the Spirit is Love…

Love is in the air! So the merchants say, as they prepare to foist their wares upon unsuspecting souls.

The new year barely settles in before Santa makes way for Cupid and his stash of chocolates, fluffy white bears and all things red and heart-shaped. Opportunistic advertisers pull out all the stops. They may find homes for that unsold champagne yet. Time to rework that New Year’s Day jingle…

All this while oodles of cheese and Easter bun orders linger in the wings.

Ah, yes! ‘Love’ is in the air alright – the love of money and commercialisation. Merchants ring their bells,┬ápromote a single night of passion and excitement, and they depend on the Pavlovian response of giddy couples to line their cavernous pockets.

*whisper* I need to share something with you that the advertisers will never tell you. Are you ready for it?

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