Anger Management 101 (Courtesy of a Wise Mother)

*Updated from journal entry dated February 3, 2014.*

The day I turned 13, she gave me a gift. It was a book entitled, Everything A Teenage Girl Should Know.

The hardback version. I have always been an avid reader, and this was the kind of book designed to survive numerous rounds of reading and re-reading. Perfect.

Mom and I never had the talk. That conversation which some refer to as being about ‘the birds and the bees’, although I still have no idea what birds and bees have to do with human sexuality – but, I digress.  This was Mom’s way of getting an uncomfortable conversation out of the way with as little discomfort as possible. I am sure she must have known  that I had covered most of that ground in the fifth grade and I was already into my third year of high school when I celebrated my thirteenth birthday.

As a seasoned educator, Mom would have had to know that much of the information in this new book was old news to me, so she must have had some other reason but I thought nothing more of it at that time.

More than 25 years later, it finally dawned on me that the answer had been staring me in the face the whole time.

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My One Word – 2016 and beyond

Have you ever wanted to put a sliver of time in a box and kick it to the curb?

That is how I felt about the year 2015, and I was ready to bid it goodbye long before it drew to a close. It was the time-bound representation of a particularly intense period of tribulation and distress in my life, and I was beyond ready to rip our 2015 calendar to shreds and move on.

I needed to see a number that did not serve as a constant reminder of the hard, dark places I had traversed. A number that spoke progress and made the light at the end of the tunnel seem even a smidgen closer.

There were days when I railed against the crucible when the budget buckled under the weight of an expense foisted upon us by deceptive relatives, and my health took a turn for the worst. In those moments, the Holy Spirit reminded me of seemingly unpalatable truths and preserved my sanity against all odds.


I am in awe of His Faithfulness.

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The Daily Emmanuel: A Lifestyle Of Abiding Faith

I have shared one of my favourite quotes below – one that I strive to keep in memory.

It focuses not on the ‘nativity scene’ Emmanuel, but the ‘year-round’ Emmanuel who upholds, strengthens and intercedes for those who abide in Him: Continue reading