Can Dark Clouds Be Cause For Rejoicing?

Four miles to the east, the heavens have opened and the rains have begun.

Rumours from the west and south declare more of the same.

But here…

Here in a small community on the northeastern coast of the island, I observe dark clouds in the distance and desire much more than a promise of showers future. For us, #Drought2015 is still in force but I embrace the promise, inherent in overcast skies, that keeps hope alive.

I wait in hope for liquid showers of blessing, and there is no one singing Tomorrow in this neck of the woods.

Not that we have lost our appreciation for the sunshine, but today, we have a greater need.

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There Is A Fountain…


Another unripe fruit hits the ground.

It has been a long, dry summer and trees have shed fruit and scaled back on foliage production in the desperate bid to survive. We had a few showers, but they did not linger.

Rivers have disappeared and tap water has become a luxury item…

When a lone honey bee comes daily to check our kitchen tap for a single drop and we have to secure our water barrels, in order to prevent enthusiastic water-seekers of the reptilian variety from drowning… you know it’s bad.

Small creatures trust humans to have a secret stash and they will risk life and limb to find it.

Man, beast and flying insects… we are all in this thing together.

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