Why ‘Ruthlyn M. Writes’?


‘Hard Places’ by R. M. Jackson

Amazing growth often takes place in hard places.


The photo on the right teaches this lesson, and I have proved it true in my own life…

I was struck by the sight of this tree growing from a retaining wall, which is being constantly assaulted by the salty ocean spray of the Caribbean Sea. No composting or nurturing exists on the other side… only the marl and asphalt of Foreshore Road in Port Antonio, Jamaica. It thrives in spite of the harsh environment that surrounds it and provides a resting place for our feathery friends who need it.

Born and raised in Jamaica (aka Jamrock), a sunny island in the central Caribbean, I learn and grow by navigating hard places and being curious about life. I process my thoughts by writing them out and some of my musings make it into this online space.

The objective of Ruthlyn M. Writes is to cheer,  encourage, provoke intelligent thought about Biblical themes… sprinkling snippets of island life as we go.

I pray that this will be a place of rest for those who need it.

Blessings to all. 🙂



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Photo credit: D. Williams (header image)