A Salty Dilemma: Of Moral Degradation and Salt Scarcity


Cloudless afternoon in rural Jamaica (2006)

My neighbour’s stereo is belting out lyrics about ‘Beulah Land’ and an ‘Unclouded Day’ yet future–

And I feel a longing in my bones.

This longing for a Better Land where stands a city, whose Builder and Maker is the Almighty God.

Depending on who you ask, Jamaicans may live in a veritable paradise (or not). But there are things that that can reach in and rock your world in ways that your counterparts in subdued areas of the globe would never understand.

In a society where many consider celibacy the hallmark of fools, and sexual prowess is valued more than life itself, schoolboys now purchase ‘Viagra’ in the streets. The words lewd, bawdy and vulgar have taken flight from the ‘red light district’ and have found a home in discussions of student behaviour on public transport.

As the mother of a son, I grieve.

As one who traverses the thoroughfares on this island by way of public transportation, I shudder.

I ponder the scarcity of salt in this nation that has an Anthem, which is also a prayer, and boasts a church on every corner.

These days, those edifices are outnumbered by rum bars and centres of pleasure and we are reaping a bountiful harvest from the seeds sown.

It is while men sleep that the enemy sows wild oats and I pray that my Heavenly Father will keep me awake at my post.

As we long for unclouded days in Beulah Land, we must learn to be consistently faithful in this land.

While the meek will be entrusted with the earth made new, they must prove the effectiveness of their stewardship here in this old world.

If we desire to walk with our children on streets of gold, we must walk before them now as children of Light.

As we look forward to singing the song of Moses and the Lamb, our ears must grow accustomed to the worshipful songs of Zion on this side of eternity.

Many a meal has been redeemed by a dash of salt, and numerous lives have been spared on stormy nights because of strategically-placed lighthouses. It is to such a work that God has called us. To reflect His light amid the gross darkness that prevails; to bring the preserving influence of salt to a world besieged by utter moral degradation —

To wield the power of influence within our respective spheres.

Redeeming the time.

Only by His grace.


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