Morality Matters: Hypocrisy on the Loose

If he were a Christian, I would probably call it ‘righteous’ indignation– his vociferous condemnation of those whose preferences differed from his own.

But righteousness was not high on his agenda. He just could not stand the thought of anyone whose faults differed from his own.

Since his tirade encroached on my personal space, I felt obligated to ask a question.

(I wonder, in retrospect, if I had a death wish)


This young man, a taxi operator who had impregnated one woman while living with another, and had a reputation for being a ‘galis’ (island speak for promiscuous male) was on a roll. He was ready to rain down fire and brimstone on any person he suspected of homosexuality, and he had worked himself into a zealous frenzy worthy of a Pentecostal preacher.


His ‘conversation’ partner happened to be the community stylist who was twisting my hair, so I had nowhere to go and, when He brought God into the picture, I had questions.

I wanted to know if that was his position regarding the other abominations in Scripture, such as lying, pride, unfair business practices and obeah/witchcraft. Was he aware that (gasp!) fornication was likewise frowned upon by the Creator?

He mumbled something about Solomon’s concubines as he headed for the road.

Throwing stones from a glass house can have tricky repercussions.

You may have heard me say it before: Hypocrisy bugs me.

Why cherry-pick our abominations? If we insist on ranting and raving about sins not our own, should we not be honest and consistent enough to address them all?

To sweeten the deal, it would be nice if we attended to the planks that obscure our vision as well. While we are in the zone and all.

It just makes sense.

The command to love our neighbours as ourselves demands it.

May God help us all.

Praying for a double portion of Divine eyesalve,
R. M. Jackson


Original image source: Wikipedia


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