Can Dark Clouds Be Cause For Rejoicing?

Four miles to the east, the heavens have opened and the rains have begun.

Rumours from the west and south declare more of the same.

But here…

Here in a small community on the northeastern coast of the island, I observe dark clouds in the distance and desire much more than a promise of showers future. For us, #Drought2015 is still in force but I embrace the promise, inherent in overcast skies, that keeps hope alive.

I wait in hope for liquid showers of blessing, and there is no one singing Tomorrow in this neck of the woods.

Not that we have lost our appreciation for the sunshine, but today, we have a greater need.

The wind is agitating treetops and I wish it would propel those clouds in this direction, but alas, those gray clouds are not destined for us. There is no sound of abundant rain, but hope springs eternal.

It is in the school of hardship that we learn patience and I must confess that I am a slow learner in that regard. Waiting tends to get my goat.

I happen to like the certainty of knowing. Knowing the ‘when’.

When will x, y and z be resolved?

I am learning (maybe, a bit too slowly) to be anxious for nothing.

Life is full of uncertainties, but that is what makes it life (as opposed to death).

What if the curve balls we despise are the very things that keep us mentally sharp? What if the ‘wait’ we barely tolerate is the generator of spiritual renewal.

“… [T]hey that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:31)

Our Heavenly Father knows what we have need of. Whatever He ordains or allows is geared toward our refinement and polishing. That there would be a set of people on this planet who would trust His heart and choose joy, regardless of their circumstances.

Quite a kick in the teeth of the opposing team, when you think about it.

There stands an unequivocal promise of renewed strength, eagle-like efficiency, unwearied motion for those who learn to wait on Him. A promise that will find its final fulfilment in the earth made new. Today, though, we get to wait and spiritual renewal is, invariably, part of that process, for whatever doesn’t kill you is bound to make you stronger.

And wiser.

For us, wisdom means putting plans in place for more efficient rainwater harvesting and expanded water storage.

For you? It will probably mean something else.

Whatever the end goal, we get to take part in this journey called life. We get to live and love and laugh and cry.

We get to do it all.

We get to wait – consciously – above ground, instead of six feet under.


Image Source (CC0 Public Domain)

Dark clouds are not always the work of the enemy. Very often dark clouds are pregnant with abundant answers to our prayers. Answers that may seem late in coming, but are – in reality – right on time.

It is high time to cut loose from our anxiety, embrace the clouds and give ourselves permission to rejoice in the middle of it all.

Faithful is our God.


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