The Man (or Woman) in the Mirror Has Hidden Parts

I was on the inside looking out, while she was on the outside of the parked bus, staring at her reflection in the tinted window.

On opposite sides of the same window, I could see her but she had no idea I was there. I leaned against my headrest and watched as she checked herself, fixed the front of her blouse, fussed with her hair and took off with a pep in her step. Satisfied with her efforts, she was oblivious to the fact that she had an unresolved mess in the back. I lurched forward in horror as she strode purposefully down the street and thought of stopping her, but I was now too far away to accomplish that with any semblance of finesse.

I had to let it go, but I did wonder…

I wondered if there was a lesson right there in her more-concerned-about-the-front approach to grooming. It is not an approach that is unique to her, because we have all been fed some version of it from childhood…

Put your best foot forward (aka ‘speak softly and shove the clutter in the closet/spare room until the visitors leave’).

As long as everything ‘at the front’ looks good to the individuals whose opinions we deem important, all is right with the world. There is, however, One who sees all, knows all and cares about the unresolved messes that His children tend to ignore. His focused investigation deals with the condition of our hidden parts “.. for the Lord sees not as man sees…” (1 Samuel 16:7).


Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

We can have the talk with the man in the mirror (a la Michael Jackson) about behaviour modification all we want but, without real heart transformation, none of that is sustainable. Thankfully, the One who calls attention to our heart issue is also the One who stands ready and willing to effect the transformative work.

We have a Saviour who gets down in the trenches of our have-need-of-nothing Laodicean lifestyles and freely offers everything we need to overcome (Revelation 3:17-18). He guarantees overcoming power and ultimate glorification when we accept His treatment plan (verse 21), and all He asks is that we willingly come.

There really is no better deal.

Consider today… what unresolved mess lurks in your hidden parts? Then decide: ‘Keep’ or ‘Toss’?

The answer is clear.

Our Heavenly Father wants to heal all that ails us and give us a peace that passes all understanding (Philippians 4:7). He stands ready and waiting for a wiling heart and, in His book, it is always right to come.

‘Toss’ with me… There is a better way.


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